Recipe: Amaranth

Home Cooking Recipe: Amaranth


A while ago, everyone was doing a good job in Shanghai's leeks. Today, I accidentally bought the pickled wild leeks from the vegetable farmers. Although the amount is not much, but the package is enough...



  1. It takes at least 2 hours to pick and soak the leeks. The characteristics of wild leeks are more muddy; especially after the rain, the leeks are easy to find but pick out more mud, so picking is time consuming and cleaning is more careful;

  2. Boil the boiled water in the pot and remove it. At the same time, the washed vegetables are also cooked and cooked. The fiber of the leek is thicker and the taste is slightly rough. Adding a certain proportion of green vegetables, the taste of the filling will be better;

  3. Cut the leek and green vegetables separately, preferably do not use machine twisting, hand chopping can retain the necessary fiber texture and moisture; cut the puree mixed with the meat, add seasoning and mix well, let it sit for more than half an hour to eat taste;

  4. Then wrap it; when filling the glutinous rice, add the fillings to the right amount. Don't think that you can add your own bags, so that when you cook, it is not only easy to break the skin, but the proportion of the rind and the filling is improper, and the taste is easy to be discounted;

  5. The difference between glutinous rice dumplings and dumplings is that there are soups and dumplings. The soup base is also necessary to pay attention to. The bone soup is good in advance. The ingredients used by Shanghai people are nothing more than the seaweed shrimp and mustard. Add water without bone soup, and cooked lard is more fragrant.


The meat stuffing with prawn or other ingredients can be freely prepared. The prepared stuffing should have a certain degree of moistness. It can be adjusted according to the fatness and thinness of the pork chops. The ratio of leeks to vegetables can be 1:1 or 2: 1, the ratio of puree and minced meat is about half; the filling can be about 50 to 60.

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