Recipe: Amaranth

Home Cooking Recipe: Amaranth


The spring food in the south of the Yangtze River is indispensable to the leek, but this small wild vegetable is delicious and washes up. Here, I will introduce the quick-handed leeks that can be completed in about half an hour. As long as you do your homework in advance, the office worker can return to his home and cook a bowl of fragrant leeks, add some sesame oil, um, too fragrant.



  1. Wash the leeks in advance and then fry them in the refrigerator. Use them as you like. How to clean and pre-treat the leeks. See tips.)

  2. Remove the leeks from the refrigerator and finely thaw them.

  3. After the leeks are shredded, mix in the pork stuffing, add an egg, add some salt and a small amount of MSG, and mix well. Made of glutinous stuffing

  4. Parcel

  5. Prepare soup. Add the appropriate amount of shrimp skin, mustard, shallot, sesame oil, soy sauce

  6. Cook it. Cook it, pick it up, put it in a noodle bowl, and pour some soup water


This is a quick hand dish. The trick of quick hands is to prepare the leek stuffing in advance. 1. Amaranth has two kinds of wild and non-wild. Non-wild leeks are large and clean. The wild leeks are rich in fragrance, and the disadvantage is that the roots are soiled and difficult to clean. It’s not good to wash it, it’s muddy. My usual cleaning procedure is: soak in cold water (soak the soil), simmer the leeks (pick off the yellow leaves of the dead leaves), rinse the water (wash the roots of the roots, especially the leaves need to be turned over) Soak it again (remove the earthworms). 2. If you buy a leek, don't eat it right away, how to save it? The way my mother taught me is to first burn a pot of boiling water, put the leeks in a clean pot, pour the water, pour the chopsticks, let the leeks heat evenly, wait until the leeks become soft, and the green cell liquid seeps out. Remove and immerse in cold water and rinse again before draining and draining. After being cool, put it into a fresh-keeping bag and freeze it in the freezer. The preserved leek was saved for more than a week without problems. When you need to make a stuffing package, take it out and use it. Very convenient.

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