Recipe: Although gluten

Home Cooking Recipe: Although gluten


Recently, I was fascinated by the grilled gluten outside. The well-baked stalls are crispy and fragrant outside. The water inside is tender and tender. It’s really delicious~~ Well, practice has proved that it’s not bad to use fried rice~~



  1. The gluten is torn, (too thin and tasteless, too thick and not as good as taste, need to be controlled) wash and dry ~

  2. Ginger chopped, dried chili diced, green pepper diced ~

  3. Put the oil in the pot, slightly more, burn a little heat, into the ginger, gluten, stir fry for a while, into the dried chili, continue to stir fry ~

  4. Into the raw pumping, cumin powder, stir fry ~

  5. Into a little water, stir fry~

  6. Into the salt, green pepper, stir fry ~

  7. According to the taste, re-injection, cumin powder, stir fry ~

  8. Put a little water starch and stir fry the pot~

  9. With miscellaneous grains and rice, instantly sweeping light~


Gluten eats oil, less oil is not good, but don't have too much, this is not fried gluten~   The amount of water is less, not less tender, more cooked gluten ~   The cumin grain is more fragrant than the cumin. If there is any, it should be a drop.

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