Recipe: Almond tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Almond tofu



  1. Strip the almonds after soaking them in warm water for half a day.

  2. Wash the peeled almonds into a blender, add 200ML of water, and whipped into almond paste.

  3. Take a piece of clean gauze and spread it on a large bowl. Pour the almond paste into the gauze, filter it, lift the gauze on all sides, and then rub it all the way to make the almond juice flow into the big bowl. The almond slag that has not been completely broken is left in the gauze and can be used for other purposes, such as porridge.

  4. Place the agar in a bowl and soak it in soft water with 200ML

  5. Pour soft agar and water into the pot together, heat over low heat

  6. When the agar is cooked, pour in the almond water and milk and continue to heat for a while.

  7. Add rock sugar and cook until the sugar is melted.

  8. Pour the cooked almond milk slurry into a flat-bottomed container, cool it, cover the lid, and put it in the refrigerator until it is solidified. (You can put the clean gauze in the container first, then filter the almond milk to remove the foam)

  9. When eating, cut into small pieces, topped with a little sugar osmanthus, or pour some juice, honey or some fruit.


1, the amount of agar is not used too much, but it is enough, the finished soft and soft QQ feeling. 2, the amount of rock sugar can be adjusted according to the taste, it is recommended not to put too much, because when eating, generally add some sweet ingredients.

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