Recipe: Almond tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Almond tofu



  1. The agar is softened in clear water and it will take more than ten minutes.

  2. Heat over low heat, stir while stirring: slowly melt the agar, add milk and sugar, melt the sugar, and add 2TSP almond powder

  3. Everything is added, stir well, turn off the fire, remove the small pot

  4. After filtering, pour into the container, cool, and then refrigerate in the refrigerator, until the shape is good.


1. There is a small regret, the almond powder is slightly thickened, and after filtering, a lot of almond residue is left, which affects the almond flavor in the almond tofu. 2. It can be eaten directly into small pieces. I also poured honey lemon honey specially made for me by Zhou P. It is sour and sweet, I don’t know how delicious it is~~

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