Recipe: Almond tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Almond tea



  1. Knocked on the apricot kernel and took out the almonds

  2. Put the almonds in boiling water and simmer for 2 minutes (to go to the almond skin)

  3. Remove the almonds and remove the almonds easily. Add a little water to the glutinous rice and almonds.

  4. Soak up one night

  5. Put the almonds and glutinous rice into the blender, add 200 grams of water, grind the almonds and glutinous rice, and grind several times. Pour the almond paste into the pan and add 100 grams of water and sugar.

  6. Cook over low heat, stir while cooking, for a few minutes, you can become a paste

  7. Cover the gauze on the container, pour the almond paste into the gauze, gather the gauze around, squeeze it hard

  8. Almond tea flows into the container, and only the almond residue is left in the remaining gauze.


TIPS: 1, glutinous rice and almonds need to be more soaked, this is good for polishing, I dunk for one night; 2, the almonds are slightly cooked, in order to peel, otherwise it is difficult to remove; 3, when cooking almond paste must be constantly stirring, it is not easy to paste the bottom; 4. The almond tea filtered with gauze has a better taste and is very smooth. If you are in trouble, you can not use this step; 5, the remaining almond residue can be cooked into the porridge, not wasted.

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