Recipe: Almond tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Almond tea



  1. South (sweet) almonds (with skin) soaked in warm water for about 15 minutes to remove the outer skin; glutinous rice is soaked in water to the extent that the rice will be broken with fingers

  2. Put the almonds and glutinous rice into the pulverizer, add the milk and grind it into a slurry, and polish it as fine as possible. Then use a fine-grained filter (preferably tea filter) to filter out the milky white water to remove the precipitated particles.

  3. Pour the raw slurry of almond tea into the pot, add rock sugar, heat it on low heat and stir constantly until it is thick and slightly boiling, then turn off the heat, pour it into the cup and drink it by heat; you can add grated black sesame and sweet-scented osmanthus according to your personal preference. Wait


It can also be brewed directly with almond powder, which is much simpler. Just add a little glutinous rice flour to the almond powder, use a proper amount of warm water/milk to adjust it, and stir it until it is a little thicker. Remember to use too much powder, otherwise it will become a cockroach.

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