Recipe: Almond mocha coffee cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Almond mocha coffee cake



  1. Separate the egg yolk from the egg white

  2. After the egg yolk is broken, add 20g of sugar and beat it to the milky white with an egg beater. Add corn oil and milk and mix well.

  3. Add the low-gluten flour and cocoa powder after mixing and sieving, and gently mix them into a coffee batter.

  4. Take another large bowl and add the protein and white sugar to the hard foaming with the egg beater.

  5. Pour one-third of the protein cream into the coffee batter and gently mix it evenly; then take 1/2 protein cream and coffee batter and mix well. Finally, pour all the coffee batter into the remaining protein paste and gently mix. Uniform

  6. Pour the mixed coffee cake paste into the mold, place the mold on the table and gently shake it to remove the large bubbles inside.

  7. Into the lower layer of the oven, fire up and down for 150 minutes at 180 degrees

  8. Pour the clear and white sugar into the pot, heat it to a small amount of sugar and add the instant coffee powder. Slowly cook over low heat until the sugar is thick into a syrup.

  9. Add water and sugar to the pot, stir with a spoon, heat until the sugar melts into a light caramel color, add almonds and stir, so that each almond is evenly stained with syrup

  10. Continue to heat slowly with a small fire and keep stirring. When the color is brown, place the pot down, then add butter and mix well.

  11. Place the almonds on the oil paper and, after completely cooling, chop them with a knife.

  12. Instant coffee 8g is first dissolved in 15ml hot water into concentrated coffee liquid

  13. Use a whisker to beat 60% of the fluffy hair, add dissolved coffee liquid and coffee wine, stir evenly to become coffee cream

  14. The coffee cake blank is divided into three pieces on average.

  15. Apply a layer of coffee syrup to the first piece and apply a layer of coffee cream

  16. Cover the second piece of cake and apply a layer of coffee syrup to it, then apply a layer of coffee cream

  17. Finally, cover the third piece of cake, apply a layer of coffee syrup on it, and then apply a layer of coffee cream, then freely play the flower according to your own imagination.

  18. Finally, sprinkle with the right amount of almonds.

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