Recipe: Almond milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Almond milk


I still bought half a catty of Xinjiang almonds at the trade fair. When I came back to my home for a tasting taste, I occasionally got a bitter taste. I suddenly felt bitter in my mouth for a while, depressed, and I heard a Chinese doctor suggesting soy milk. Adding almonds is very suitable for spring season. Spring is not suitable for eating hot food. It is best to choose ingredients for supplementation. Almonds have a good effect on relieving cough and relieving asthma, laxative and nourishing the lungs. And apricot is the most abundant fruit with vitamin B17, and vitamin B17 is an extremely effective anti-cancer substance. Every year when DIY is made into soy milk, I will forget that there is a little almond in the soy milk. As the saying goes, the food supplement is not a panacea, but it is not acceptable without eating. Closer to home, or introduce the ingredients of this soy milk



  1. The above materials are properly soaked, and the soymilk machine is selected to select 'grain soy milk.'

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