Recipe: Almond Maple Syrup Cookies

Home Cooking Recipe: Almond Maple Syrup Cookies <Nakajima Teacher Baking Room>


The teacher of Nakajima always makes people feel uncomfortable, health is the purpose, and the taste is never reduced. The almonds are first subjected to the steps of sauteing, the taste is more crisp, and the sweetness of the maple syrup is not greasy. I finally bought the brown sugar, and the taste and sweetness of the sugar and the sugar are indeed a little different.



  1. The almonds are sauteed in a frying pan and chopped.

  2. Put low-gluten flour, almond crushed, salt, and sucrose into a mixing bowl and mix well.

  3. Add olive oil, mix the oil and powder like a rice, and then use the palm of your hands to spread the ingredients.

  4. Add maple syrup and mix the ingredients into a dough.

  5. The dough was placed on oil paper, and a dough piece with a thickness of about 4 mm (length 25 cm, width 15 cm) was formed with a rolling pin, and a strip of about 15 cm and a width of 1 cm was cut with a squeegee.

  6. Place the dough in an oven preheated to 170 degrees, bake for 30 minutes, remove, and cool on the baking tray until it is not hot, and then open it along the previous cut.


Personal small broken: There is no soy milk in the original recipe, because I can't knead the dough after adding maple syrup. It is estimated that the water absorption of the flour is different, and extra soy milk is added. The dough really can't be overly smashed, otherwise the biscuits will be hard.

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