Recipe: Almond Fresh Fruit Buffy

Home Cooking Recipe: Almond Fresh Fruit Buffy


"Buffy" is a refreshing and sweet dessert from the French transliteration of Parfait. Parfait is the perfect meaning of the adjective, which is the perfect in English. Just by name, you can imagine how delicious it is. In fact, it is simple to be simple, almonds, walnuts, cashews and other nuts, with fresh strawberries, cherries, yellow peaches and other fruits, and then mix with yogurt, what to add, summer It’s a perfect match to have a big cup in the morning and to pair it with bread. Office workers eat more nuts, and almonds can play a good role in nourishing the kidneys and strengthening the brain. Beverly fresh fruit Buffy do early, save time and convenience, often eat can also remove free radicals, regulate blood lipids, maintain lipoprotein levels, brain and eyesight, really a lot of benefits.



  1. Washed sweet apricots

  2. Yogurt is served in 2 bowls and mixed with apricots

  3. Finally, mix with almonds, sprinkle with pistachio nuts, and serve with bread.

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