Recipe: Almond cream cheese crepe cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Almond cream cheese crepe cake



  1. Put the whole egg and sugar together into the eggbeater and heat the water until it is thick and white. The speed is very slow (see photo)

  2. After multiple times (more than 5 times), sift into low powder, mix well and sieve again.

  3. Add oil like water, add it while mixing

  4. Mix well and pour into an 8-inch round cake mold and drip into the spotted sesame oil.

  5. Use chopsticks to draw lines

  6. Bake at 165 degrees for 30-35 minutes. Put it on the grill and let it cool.

  7. Remove the cream cheese from the refrigerator, soften the cranberry, and bake the almonds into the oven at 175 degrees until golden brown.

  8. After the cream cheese is slightly slipped, add the whipped cream and add sugar to the nine distribution (I will send the cream/cheese together. The cheese will fly over the eggbeater when I send it, so it is recommended to slip the cheese slightly and then add it. Light cream is the most suitable)

  9. Cut the sponge cake into 3 pieces, smear cream cheese filling, add almond slices and cranberry to make a sandwich, and then fill the remaining cream cheese stuffing (if you need to squeeze the flowers, you can make a cheese stuffing. In the flower bag, wipe the blank and squeeze the flowers)

  10. The whole cake is covered with almond slices, as well as black sesame macarons, strawberries, and flower decorations.

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