Recipe: Almond crackers

Home Cooking Recipe: Almond crackers


Baking: up and down, 150 degrees, 15 minutes



  1. Melt the cream insulation, then preheat the oven

  2. Sift the flour and powdered sugar, pour it into a large bowl, add the protein, and use a whisker to make a liquid mixture without particles at low speed.

  3. Add the melted butter and continue to stir to blend the butter with the mixed liquid.

  4. Add the almond slices and gently mix them with a spatula to make the almond slices evenly spread on the pan.

  5. Cover with plastic wrap. Stand still for 15 minutes.

  6. Remove the batter, spread the tin foil on the baking tray, spread the round biscuit mold, pour the batter into the mold with a large spoon, then evenly spread it with a scraper, pull up the round biscuit mold, and the biscuit will do well. Can be sent to the oven

  7. I don't have a round biscuit mold here. So I have to feel self-control. First use a spoon to rub about 20 grams of almond batter, then pour it on tin foil, use the back of the spoon to gently push it around, push as much as possible. Rounded up


1. The thickness of the batter is about 2 mm. The thickness directly affects the taste and baking time. 2. Batter uniformity is also a direct influence on the taste and baking time, the unevenness of the batter spread, may lead to some cooked parts or batter. 3. The flour has water absorption differences. You should pay attention to proper adjustment. 4. The temperature of the small oven in the home may be biased. Please press the temperature of your own oven. Please take care of the last time of baking to avoid scorching. Please pay attention to safety.

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