Recipe: Almond cocoa cookie

Home Cooking Recipe: Almond cocoa cookie


It is said that this recipe was purely for the reimbursement of the already-opened almond slices. As a result, the mother-in-law said that she liked the biscuits of this taste very much, so I bought a kilogram of almond slices, which is really a bottomless pit. The sugar in the square is reduced. The amount of such high-heat things should not be too sweet to be good for the body.



  1. After the butter is softened, add brown sugar and mix well. If there are large particles, it is best to pour it out. Otherwise, it is a hole.

  2. Add whipped cream and mix well

  3. Add fine sugar and mix well

  4. Add the sieved mixed low powder and cocoa powder and mix well, no dry powder

  5. Add the almond flakes and stir them evenly into a dough. In the summer, it is better to make the biscuits in the soft state of the butter. It is better to mix the oil if it is not placed for too long.

  6. Wrap the plastic wrap, put it into the mold or arrange it into a square shape and put it in the freezer of the refrigerator for one hour.

  7. Remove and cut into a thickness of 5 mm, put it into the baking tray, preheat the oven to 180 degrees, and fire the middle layer up and down for 18 minutes.


Brown sugar has large particles, it is best to pour it out, or it is a hole. It is better to make biscuits in the summer when the butter is always in a soft state. It is better to mix the dough and not put it for too long.

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