Recipe: Almond Chocolate Muff

Home Cooking Recipe: Almond Chocolate Muff


Miao Fu is a transliteration of Muffin, but also translated as Muffin, but I think that Muffin does not sound good, but the word "Miao" is just right, which perfectly summarizes the characteristics of Muffin. Almond chocolate is bitten down, the soft and sweet cake is mixed with the aroma of almonds and the thick coffee latte with a cup of milk. Start the day with this breakfast, "eat breakfast like a king" But that's it!  If the hurricane cake is like a laughing lady, then Miao Fu is a loneliness to laugh, and the lady hurricane cake master will inevitably fail, so Loli Miaofu is absolutely "easy to push down", that is, to swell very much High, the surface is cracked and cracked and looks delicious! And even if there is no electric egg beater, even if there is no arm of King Kong Barbie, Miao Fu can be successful.



  1. Put the almonds in a fresh-keeping bag and break them with a rolling pin.

  2. After the butter and chocolate are dissolved together in water, add the eggs and beat them evenly. Add sugar and continue to mix well and add milk.

  3. Sift the flour and baking powder, mix well with a rubber spatula, pour the almonds into the batter and mix well, then pour into the mold.

  4. The oven is preheated at 180 ° C and can be fired for up to 20 minutes.


Baking powder can be replaced with baking soda. Since there is no egg, some expansion agent is needed to hold the cake, otherwise the muff will not be soft.

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