Recipe: Almond Caramel Lemon Chicken Wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Almond Caramel Lemon Chicken Wings


Where is the most popular in the chicken? Of course it is chicken wings. The practice of chicken wings can be used exclusively for this recipe, and it is true in the market. I am thinking about what to taste. Two and a half years old, Ya Ya said, "When you make chicken wings, you should add sweet and sour pork ribs!", I want to come to the sweet and sour pork ribs for the first two days to make her eat well, this is also expected, sour Sweet dishes are most popular with children. Well, let's make the chicken wings so sweet and sour. If you do "sweet and sour chicken wings", then it does not make a big difference with "sweet and sour pork ribs", change the tomato sauce to make sour and sweet? It seems to be the mainstream. How can I get something new? Turn around and see the old fair cut lemon soaked in water, huh, huh, do not have to use lemon to make sour and sweet mouth! Lemon is a must-have thing for my family. Using lemon as a dessert is a good way for me. I have to make an ice cream and a drink. I only use it in the Thai-style salad. It is used in chicken wings or the first one. Back, to be creative, try it. Since it is made with lemon, it is necessary to embody the unique citrus scent of lemon. If the color of the product is particularly deep, it will not express the unique small fresh style. Simply do not use the old soy sauce, only use fish sauce to enhance the taste. Recently, I especially like to use Cantonese rice wine for cooking. It is more refreshing than rice wine, so it is also used inside. However, if the chicken wings are too white and have no appetite, I thought that the chicken wings should be colored completely by frying caramel, and the sugar has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough and phlegm. Recently, the air quality is so bad that it is used just right. Conditioning. The final amber color was particularly attractive and tempting, which was what I expected. In order to remove most of the oil from the chicken wings, I only put a little oil in the pot. I first tighten the chicken wings to the skin, then put the sugar into it and stir fry. Let the oil of the chicken wings continue to simmer by stirring the rock sugar. Come out, this oil is also used simultaneously to stir up caramel, saving fire and saving time. I divided the lemon into two procedures to put in the dish. The lemon peel can be put first, so that the juice is filled with lemon scent first, and the lemon juice is squeezed in before the pan. Everyone knows that lemon has a strong whitening effect. The rich vitamin C is the main reason for this effect, but vitamin C is easily destroyed by high temperature, so you should add lemon juice at the end, so that not only can it be maximized. Keep the vitamin C, and let the lemon in the chicken wings taste more intense. Since lemon and rock sugar are used to combat the bad air quality, then simply strengthen it. In the end, I made a killer and sprinkled a large almond table to think that the almonds only have the effect of slimming and anti-aging. It is also a weapon against bad air! Well, I highly recommend this "big almond caramel lemon chicken wings". The addition of lemon makes the sweet and sour lighter, the chicken wings are simmered and the soup becomes very sticky. This sticky sauce is again Because the fish sauce is added, it is salty and appropriate. The crispy almonds are wrapped in such sour and sweet, fruity sauce, and icing on the cake!



  1. After washing the chicken wings, wipe off the water, add ginger, Guangdong rice wine, soy sauce, pickle and marinate for 1 hour until taste.

  2. Put 1 tbsp of oil in the pan and heat, add marinated and dried chicken wings, marinate for use.

  3. 煸 两 white on both sides, chicken skin tightened

  4. Add the rock candy block and start the stir-fry

  5. Gently stir fry the chicken wings and rock candy pieces, and the rock candy pieces can be easily broken with a shovel during the heating process.

  6. Will continue to stir fry with the chicken wings, pay attention not to be too strong, so as not to smash the chicken skin to affect the appearance

  7. Stir-fried until the sugar is completely melted, the amber color appears on the surface of the chicken wings, and the caramel flavor is emitted.

  8. Pour in the previous pickle and add some hot water until it is slightly flat with the chicken wings

  9. Wipe off the lemon-yellow skin (note that the white part can't be, bitter), sprinkle it into the pot and cook

  10. After the soup in the pot is thickened, squeeze in half a lemon juice.

  11. At the same time, pour a few almonds into a few stir fry

  12. After the almonds are evenly covered with sauce, they can be turned off.

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