Recipe: Almighty Summer CP Peach Syrup

Home Cooking Recipe: Almighty Summer CP Peach Syrup


In the summer when you need cold drinks in particular, you should feel the peace of mind when you keep the fruit syrup in the refrigerator. Then the peach syrup is really gentle and worry-free. It is made into a version with flesh and cold oolong tea, which is the love of the star dad in summer. Peach peach oolong~



  1. Crisp peach peeled off the peel, put the peach skin in the tea bag, the peach pulp is cut into 1cm size, mixed with 200g fine sugar, 100g cold water, 10g lemon juice, and mixed into the refrigerator until the fine sugar is basically dissolved. degree

  2. Pour the refrigerated mixture into a deep crucible, throw the peach skin into the pot and throw it into the pot. Heat it over medium heat to a vigorous boiling state that produces more foam. Remove the tea bag with peach skin. Do not, and try to squeeze out the water, then quickly remove the floating foam, turn the small heat to continue heating until most of the peaches are translucent.

  3. Turn off the fire, pour the syrup into a heat-resistant container, put it in a non-hot hand and then put it into the refrigerator for a little sticky feeling.


1. Try to choose crispy peaches with less fiber. The peaches with more fiber will be rougher after cooking. The taste is not good. 2. The peach syrup can be stored for about 10 days. Please use it as soon as possible. 3. Peach The color will affect the color of the syrup, choose a red peach, the color of the syrup will be powdered

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