Recipe: Almighty mushroom bolognese

Home Cooking Recipe: Almighty mushroom bolognese


Mr. Li said that he wanted to eat shiitake mushrooms and bought it. He found that he bought too much to eat. So he had this recipe that would not waste shiitake mushrooms and can eat for a long time. Noodles, porridge, Adding food is great, especially for programs that don't have much time to cook and eat. After a long time, come to a bowl!



  1. Mushrooms are stalked and diced, pork is smashed into the end, garlic and ginger are cut as fine as possible, mixed in minced meat.

  2. Put the lard (vegetable oil) in the pan. When the oyster sauce is not too hot, pour the pork mixed with minced garlic and ginger into the pot. After the birth, add one or two spoonfuls of Laoganma.

  3. Pour in the diced mushrooms, add the pepper when frying, and add the shrimp and oyster sauce soy sauce when frying.

  4. Add sugar, salt, chicken powder in turn, stir until you leave a little soup or leave the soup to see your personal preference, but this does not contain the juice, how will you leave a little mushroom juice (hahahaha, ask for the existence of the mushroom king

  5. Finally, the pan is just fine. It is OK to put the jar in the bowl.


1. The ratio of meat to shiitake mushrooms is 1 to 2. 2. If you like the tender mushroom, you don't need to deal with the direct dicing. If you like the mushroom with a slightly tough taste, you need to pick the shredded mushrooms with salt and squeeze the water and diced. 3. The storage time in the refrigerator should be around one week. If you want to stay longer, please add oil to the mushroom sauce (isolated air~ chili sauce, fermented bean curd) This method lasts for a long time, it is best to use sesame oil~) 4. Mushrooms are very convenient to remove the stems. Slightly soak them, then you can pull them out directly, and hold down a little under the umbrella! 5. In fact, the stalk that was removed is also very delicious. Wash and cut everything, skillfully cooked, and add salt to eat. This depends on personal play~ 6. Why can't the client create recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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