Recipe: Allah stick / molar stick (Jun's formula)

Home Cooking Recipe: Allah stick / molar stick (Jun's formula)


The Allah stick will be harder to make, and the entrance will not be like other biscuits, but I prefer the follow-up fragrance, lasting and fragrant, especially suitable for a toothless snack that kills time, if there are children with long teeth at home. You can make a molar stick for your child, safe and healthy.



  1. After the butter has softened, mix it with powdered sugar and eggs, stir it, and do not send it.

  2. Pour low-gluten flour and knead the dough.

  3. After kneading the dough, let it sit and relax for half an hour (preferably wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent drying)

  4. Place the loose dough on the chopping board and knead it into a rectangular dough with a thickness of about 0.5CM.

  5. Cut a good piece of dough into a strip of strips with a knife. Pick up the ends of a strip with both hands, twist a few turns, and put it in a baking tray covered with tin foil. Brush a layer of whole egg liquid and bake it in the oven.

  6. The oven is preheated to 180 degrees and the baking tray is placed in the middle layer for about 25 minutes. Bake to the surface golden yellow.


The success rate of Jun's formula is extremely high, but because I don't like too sweet, the amount of sugar in the formula is basically reduced by one-third or half. The temperature of each oven is different. Adjust the TIPS of Hajun according to the actual situation: 1. Because this dough does not use water, all the egg liquid is used to make the dough, so it will be more sticky when kneading the dough. Coupled with the different water absorption of the different types of flour, the softness of the dough may be different. You need to adjust the amount of flour at your own discretion to make the dough a dry, less soft dough. If the dough is too soft, the cut will not be so beautiful. 2, the sugar powder in the formula, do not use fine sugar instead, otherwise the biscuits are not easy to maintain shape when baked. If you don't have powdered sugar, it can be used to grind fine sugar into a powder with a food processor. 3, do not apply oil to the baking tray, otherwise the biscuits are not sticky, it may be deformed when grilled, not so straight. 4. If you prefer to eat a harder biscuit strip, you can omit the butter from the recipe. If the butter is not used, add about 8 grams of egg liquid to the production. Still the same principle, the dry dough that is not too soft, but will not spread out. 5, the amount of egg liquid on the brush surface is very small, you can choose eggs that are slightly larger than 50 grams when making, when you make the dough, leave a little egg liquid to brush the surface.

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