Recipe: Alcoholic peanuts

Home Cooking Recipe: Alcoholic peanuts


Look at the European Cup must-have snacks - the European Cup is in full swing, due to the time difference, our country's fans watch the game in the middle of the night, watching the game in the middle of the night is a matter of physical and energy consumption, drink a little wine, eat It’s a must-have program to order a small snack. . . . . .    Alcoholic peanuts, chewed crunchy, fragrant, is a good little wine, oh, just do not watch the game, usually solve the snacks is also a good choice.



  1. Peanuts soaked up, peeled off the peanuts in red, used kitchen paper to absorb moisture, and let the refrigerator freeze for one night.

  2. Put the oil in the wok, put the frozen peanuts, the oil is slowly heated, and when it is fried, remove it. After the oil temperature rises, put the peanuts into the refrigerating and remove the oil.

  3. Leave a little base oil in the pot, put the pepper, and dry the red pepper.

  4. Pour peanuts into the stir fry. Sprinkle the salt before the pot, and taste the sugar. It’s very crisp after the cold.


1. Cool the cold oil in the cold pan with peanuts and slowly heat it over low heat so that the peanuts are easier to fry. 2, when the fried pepper section and pepper are finally fried, the bottom oil in the pot is only used to put a little, it is also a small fire slow fried, if the taste is heavy, you can add some pepper powder and chili powder, which can be more spicy and more numb.

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