Recipe: Alcoholic egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Alcoholic egg



  1. First take half of the wine into the casserole. A box of 400 grams, you can use half

  2. Put in a large bowl of water and mix well

  3. Wash and put in a casserole

  4. Put the sugar into it, cover it and start cooking.

  5. At this time, put the eggs into the bowl and break the spare.

  6. After the eggs are broken, the wine in the pot is boiled.

  7. Egg liquid is stirred with chopsticks and sprinkled into the pot

  8. Boil the fire and turn off the heat.


1. The nourishing effect of quail eggs is stronger than that of eggs, but eggs can also be used. Be sure to eat the egg yolk, its effect is better than protein, especially the cholesterol in it is also very beneficial to breast development. 2. After the birth, the new mother insists on eating every day, not only to ensure that there is good quality milk, the skin will be better. 3. As for when to eat is not very big, eat a bowl an hour before going to bed every day, the best effect, but also help sleep, the best thing to want to breast enlargement is to eat the big aunt three days before the big aunt came to clean three days, It is easy to relieve dysmenorrhea with less amount.

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