Recipe: Alcoholic companion - soft fried loin

Home Cooking Recipe: Alcoholic companion - soft fried loin



  1. Cut the loin into 1 cm wide and 2 cm long sheets;

  2. Add starch, salt and chicken essence to the egg white to mix evenly;

  3. Covering the loin slices with starch paste;

  4. After heating the pot, Isina olive oil is heated to 90% heat, and the loin is placed in oil and fried, and fried into golden yellow;

  5. Plate, you can add some pepper, etc.


The soft-fried tenderloin has the effect of being out-of-focus and tender, and is also suitable for drinking. At the same time, Izna olive oil smoke points up to 210 degrees, can be eaten repeatedly will not deteriorate, suitable for frying!

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