Recipe: Ajisen kimchi beef curd pot

Home Cooking Recipe: Ajisen kimchi beef curd pot


Ajisen Ramen is my favorite dish, silky tofu, sour soup, and smooth beef. Everything is just right. The rice was soaked in the pot, and the small mouth and small mouth were so in love. I am thinking about doing it myself. When I taste the first bite after the pan, like the food critics in the Ratatouille, I really traveled to the familiarity that was eaten by Huanglong after the New Oriental’s class a few years ago. the taste of. I can't speak at once. The focus of this dish is that the fat beef should be tasted, not cooked, the tofu should be shaped, the mushroom, the tofu, the fat cow should taste just the right mix with the kimchi and other ingredients, not just a kimchi flavor. So I am a mushroom, a beef, and a tofu in three pots.



  1. Half an onion slice, onion, garlic, oil, add stir-fry until the onion softens the aroma, add water to the tofu, oyster sauce, a little wine, soy sauce, slightly boiled, into the kimchi, a small fire can be awkward, Pick up the tofu and kimchi, mix the taste of the onion

  2. Flammulina velutipes is placed in the second Taomi boiled water, the key to the taste of the miso soup

  3. The fat cows are slightly marinated with raw food, and they are quickly floated out of the hot meeting.

  4. After the tofu is tasted, all the ingredients are poured into the large pot of Flammulina velutipes (the tofu is cooked separately to avoid deformation and taste). After the two flavors are fully mixed, add the fat cows. Increase the kimchi as appropriate, cook slightly, and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

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