Recipe: Airy pumpkin cloud hurricane

Home Cooking Recipe: Airy pumpkin cloud hurricane


A plate of 6 oil-free, milk-free pumpkins with a muffin tray. Crispy soft heart, sweet and soft, fluffy and tough, like a pumpkin-like cloud.



  1. Fresh pumpkin slices are cooked in a microwave oven. It is hot and muddy. You don't have to smash it, you can surprise it with a taste.

  2. Egg yolk and granulated sugar A use a whisk to beat the whitish, add pumpkin puree and cinnamon powder and continue to beat evenly. Shake the flour in, but the sieve is also possible, and mix it evenly with a spatula.

  3. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees and burn a pot of boiling water. This should actually be placed in the previous step, I am too lazy to rewrite.

  4. Also find a pot to add egg whites and sugar, and hit the wet foam that can pull out the soft corners (8 points to send).

  5. Add the meringue 3 times to the egg yolk pumpkin batter and mix it up and down with a spatula. Quickly enter the mold. The mold is vigorously shaken on the table to prevent large hollow bubbles.

  6. Look for a large baking tray, put the mold into it, inject hot water, and bake in the water bath for 45min~60min.


The variety of pumpkins looks like personal preference. Some people say that the old pumpkin noodle pumpkin is sweet and delicious. I prefer the watery non-faceted butternut squash. The result is a big chunk of fruit that is like a big fruit. And this recipe and time is purely handy, and I don't have to be particularly precise. The kitchen door is deep like the sea, and the monarchs are also free to play~

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