Recipe: Air fryer version grilled lamb chops

Home Cooking Recipe: Air fryer version grilled lamb chops


If one or two people eat, you still need the god horse oven, the air fryer is not the baby! !



  1. The lamb chops are slightly soaked in blood and dried, and the garlic is minced, and all the ingredients except rosemary and cumin are wrapped on the lamb chops and marinated for at least three hours. Better overnight.

  2. The air fryer is covered with tin foil, the lamb chops are tiled, and the rosemary is treated at intervals of 180 degrees for 20 minutes. At 10 minutes, sprinkle half of the powder and turn it over. Sprinkle the other half of the powder in 15 minutes. That's right, one! drop! oil! No need to use, the fat and juice of the lamb chops itself is already great.


If the cumin powder is added at the beginning, it may be burnt, so it is later. For the sake of deliciousness, waiting is always worth it.

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