Recipe: Air fryer roast broiler chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Air fryer roast broiler chicken


The roast chicken is a bit like the smell of the old roast chicken. It is tender and delicious and not greasy. The chicken's oil and water are all infiltrated into the pot.



  1. Buy a small point of the chicken can be put into the air fryer, wash the chicken to dry the water, put on the salt, and then use the toothpick to make holes in the body, in order to taste, to the yellow wine, as long as the body is dripping, the amount can be Put it for 2 hours.

  2. Stuff the onions, ginger and mushrooms all over the chicken belly.

  3. The air fryer is preheated at 200 degrees for 5 minutes and the chicken is placed in a fryer.

  4. Then the time was adjusted to 15 minutes, and the chicken was taken out and turned over halfway in the middle time.

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