Recipe: Ai Wei (Acacia Youth League)

Home Cooking Recipe: Ai Wei (Acacia Youth League)


Ai Wei is not difficult to do, and is similar to a tea pot. Ai Ye squeezed out the green juice and smashed into a glutinous rice leaf into the glutinous rice flour, mixed with sugar water to remove some bitter taste, and the filling stuffed sweetly into the coconut peanut sesame sugar; the salty package of fresh meat or bamboo shoots Mushrooms marinated in meat. . . . Feng Yu is by people.



  1. Fresh wormwood leaves, leaves leaves to the handle, boiled in boiling water

  2. Cut into small pieces, add a proper amount of water machine to make a paste

  3. Prepare glutinous rice flour and sticky rice flour into a large bowl

  4. Add wormwood paste and the right amount of white sugar water (white sugar and water to be cooked and let cool)

  5. Knead into smooth dough

  6. 搓 growth bar

  7. Cut the knife into equal small doses

  8. Take a pinch into a round shape and wrap it in the filling

  9. Closing the dough to make a raw embryo

  10. Put on the lotus leaf

  11. Drowning on the surface, sauté the black sesame

  12. Put it in the steamer for 15 minutes.


For the preparation of peanuts and white sesame seeds, please refer to the steps of 1 to 11 steps. Peanuts, white sesame seeds, appropriate amount of sugar, lard are mixed into a filling. There are not many shops in Guangzhou to do Ai Wei. Unlike Shanghai, there are famous old shops such as Wufangzhai and Wangjiasha. It is not easy to buy them. It is also a coincidence that in the recent days, with friends passing through the small street next to the People’s Road, I saw a small shop selling a small man, Ai Wei, for sale. Ai Wei’s entrance is bitter and sweet, and the incense is incredible. Nowadays, there is fresh Ai Ye, of course, I have to do it myself.

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