Recipe: Agaricus blazei mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Agaricus blazei mushroom


Summer is hot, old ducks are cool, and the fire is best.



  1. The amount of Agaricus blazei, flower mushroom and fungus is added according to personal preference, and the three ingredients are soaked in cold water.

  2. The bamboo poles are cut off from the roots and soaked in light salt water for about ten minutes.

  3. Half of the ducks are placed in a cold water pot. After the water is opened, it is boiled for three to five minutes, and the blood is removed.

  4. Put all the materials except bamboo poles into the cold water pot. Cook over low heat and cook over low heat for two to three hours.

  5. Finally put the bamboo poles for 10 to 15 minutes.

  6. Season with salt before cooking.


No need to add other seasonings, the taste is already fresh enough.

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