Recipe: Agaricus blazei

Home Cooking Recipe: Agaricus blazei


Agaricus blazei, also known as small pine mushroom, is native to Brazil and Peru. It can be fried, stewed and broiled after soaking in water. Agaricus blazei is a very valuable soup in Sichuan. However, this time I did not use it to stew the soup, but used it for braised, and it was also a good taste of fresh eyebrows.



  1. After the chicken is drowning, wash the floating foam with water, and the Agaricus blazei is soaked in water and washed, and the onion is tied and the ginger is sliced.

  2. Hot oil in the pot, when the heat is 50%, the chicken and ginger are added, and the skin of the chicken is slightly dry and oily.

  3. Cook the wine, stir well, add soy sauce, stir fry carefully to color the chicken

  4. Add boiling water to the pot, no chicken, add rock sugar, boil the fire once again, add the Agaricus blazei, onion, and simmer for 60 minutes.

  5. Add chicken essence and turn it up to start the pot

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