Recipe: Agaricus blaze stewed chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Agaricus blaze stewed chicken soup


After the Chinese New Year, the body and mind are exhausted and lazy to cook. There are two bears in the house who drool in order to eat meat, so they pick the simplest chicken soup to do. The dishes that can be prepared by lying on the mobile phone are all recommended dishes. Of course, the premise is that the taste is good~



  1. Agaricus blazei is soaked in warm water for half an hour; add appropriate amount of water in the pot (along with the water of the previous pine velvet), wash the chicken into the pot, boil over high heat, remove the floating foam, add the appropriate amount of vinegar, turn to low heat, Add the Agaricus blazei for a half hour and add salt.


I am very advocating the original taste, so the seasoning only put vinegar and salt, pepper, aniseed, etc. will dilute the aroma of chicken and pine mushrooms, it is not recommended. Onion ginger and so on can be chosen according to personal taste, I don't like it, so I didn't put it.

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