Recipe: Agaricus bisporus

Home Cooking Recipe: Agaricus bisporus



  1. After the blistering of the bisporus, it is washed for five minutes, sliced, and washed with rice.

  2. Broccoli opens a small piece, soaked in water for 10 minutes.

  3. After the rice cooker is ready, put a little olive oil, put the bisporus slices evenly inside, cover the lid for three minutes.

  4. Open the rice cooker, the mushroom has basically changed color, and then put the rice into the mixture evenly

  5. Put a proper amount of boiling water and cover with porridge

  6. Cook until the rice is ripe, and put in the broccoli for two minutes.

  7. Evenly adjust the egg liquid into the pot, the egg liquid into egg flower, add salt and mix well to drink porridge.

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