Recipe: Agar fruit jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Agar fruit jelly



  1. Cut the fruit, or cut any shape you like. Cut it into a fruit cup or jelly bowl.

  2. The agar powder bought online is fully dissolved in clean water. If you want to eat sweet, you can add some white sugar.

  3. The liquid added with the agar powder is boiled on the fire, then poured into a container filled with fruit, solidified after cooling, or can be placed in the refrigerator.


Agar strips generally reflect the presence of opacity, which may be a bit whitish, and may be due to lack of filtration. Agar powder is a processed agar strip, which is more delicate and is more transparent to make. In addition, agar has no taste, if you like sweet, you can add more sugar. There are more jelly made with gelatin, but the ingredients of gelatin are mainly gelatin, and it is healthier to eat at home or agar.

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