Recipe: Advanced version of the devil egg - egg flower basket

Home Cooking Recipe: Advanced version of the devil egg - egg flower basket


If it is a small time, it is definitely a food-difficult household. Picky food can make your mother have a headache. The boiled eggs in the food that you don't like are definitely the first to bear the brunt - I don't think there is any taste, and the egg yolk is still awkward. Every time I eat eggs, I feel it is a torture. Although it is not picky eaters at present, Imagine if you had such a delicious and fun egg basket when you were young, you would probably fall in love with eggs.



  1. After the eggs are cooked, peel off and let cool. Make other preparations while boiled eggs. Cut the onions into the end. Lettuce torn into small pieces. The shallots are cut into small strips and boiled with hot water. After being softened, it is easier to concave shape. The shallots should be finer. If they are too thick, they can be divided into two from the middle, and then rolled up.

  2. Cut the eggs horizontally or vertically as you like, and carefully remove the egg yolks.

  3. After mashing the removed egg yolk, add mayonnaise, yellow mustard sauce, onion, salt, pepper, and chili powder. All ingredients can be adjusted according to your own preferences. If you don't like it or you don't have it at home, you can add and subtract as much as you like. The yellow mustard sauce here is the American yellow mustard sauce when eating hot dogs, not the Japanese green mustard sauce that eats sashimi. Don't misplace it, otherwise you will be crying as if you are not responsible.

  4. Then just start assembling. On half of the protein, first put the lettuce into a small piece, then put a spoonful of egg yolk salad. Then put on the decorative materials, where you can freely use your imagination. If you are using a mini carrot flower, you can also use the fried fragrant bacon and so on. Anyway, as long as the color is brighter, you can put the handle of the scallions on the handle and put it slightly on the egg. It’s ok on the salad.


For example, when the boiled egg is boiled, the egg is taken out to the room temperature in advance, so that the eggshell is not easy to break. After the water is opened, put the eggs in and start the small fire. If you are worried, it will be about seven minutes. Because this time the devil egg needs to be cooked to full ripe, so it is about ten minutes.

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