Recipe: Add the left drum sauce to the drum king

Home Cooking Recipe: Add the left drum sauce to the drum king


I found out that the day before, the barbecue would have more than half of the barbecue sauce and honey, so I added it to it. The taste is much better than the average fried noodles!



  1. Take a pot of boiled water, and put the potatoes and radish in the water to cook.

  2. Pick up the cooked potato and radish. Cook it again and pick it up.

  3. Dip the pork. Then take a pot of oil, salt, break up the eggs, put them in a pan, fry them and pick them up.

  4. Then start the pot, add salt, stir fry the green pepper and onion, add the noodles, other silks, stir fry together, add the drum oil, barbecue sauce, honey, and stir fry. Perfect on the disc!

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