Recipe: Acne porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Acne porridge


Recently, the acne on my face started to take off again. I am anxious. The more I am eager and longer, it seems that I am still young. The boss said: You put your face in the basin and bubble, just fine. I am back: It is estimated that Bean sprouts. I found a party on the Internet, it is said that acne, but just look at this material, it should be correct, I have done a trial today, ready to drink for a few days to try



  1. Mung beans and coix seed, washed into the pot, add water, boil with a large fire and turn to a small fire

  2. Add lily again

  3. Cook until cooked, add honey when you drink


Mung bean and coix seed have diuretic effect and improve edema effect in traditional Chinese medicine. The coix seed itself has the effect of whitening, which can reduce the appearance of spots on the face; mung bean is cool and sweet, because it has the effect of diuretic gas, so it can be used to clear the toxins in the body after drinking food or drug poisoning. It also has a certain effect on heat swelling, hot thirst, phlegm, phlegm, pox, and rash. Sexual sweetness, bitterness when dried, in the taste of traditional Chinese medicine, belongs to the lungs and heart, refers to the lungs and cough, Ningxin soothe the nerves, help sleep.

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