Recipe: Acid water altar practice

Home Cooking Recipe: Acid water altar practice


First, first add water (about half a jar) to 100 grams of brown sugar to boil, add 50 grams of salt after cooling, 50 grams of white wine after the altar is covered with a lid, the altar put on the water to seal. After three to five days, you can pickle up things, such as red pepper, ginger, garlic, and what you want to marinate. After you wash it, you must dry it before you put it in the jar. Inside, otherwise the jar will grow white water when it enters the raw water. The first salting restriction became sour for a week, and the second time it was added, it was more expensive to eat for about 24 hours. (It is good to find that the white mold is stirred once a day with chopsticks). Remember that you cannot get water and oil in the jar. If you want something in the jar, it is best to put some raw garlic or garlic. When the time is long, add salt and wine from time to time to ensure that the things in the altar are fragrant without deterioration. It's that simple. Let's try it.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: First boil brown sugar and water. Put it in the air after cooling.

    First boil brown sugar and water. Put it in the air after cooling.

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