Recipe: Abalone, rice, abalone, rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Abalone, rice, abalone, rice


In the past, I always saw the signboard of Australian abalone in the restaurant, but it was almost a year since I came to Australia. Even the shadow of the abalone was not seen. [When I went to buy food, I asked the owner of the seafood shop. I know that abalone is to be ordered, 1kg order, not cheap, but a bite on the next deposit, haha ​​first used to cook porridge, to be honest, feeling white, super difficult to eat ° (°A ° `) ╮ Just TONY said that if you want to eat abalone sauce, you will have this recipe~ abalone is very tasty. If you don't like to eat rice, just eat abalone is also delicious~ (use the Australian green abalone, you can also use Other abalone instead)



  1. 1 Abalone use a brush to remove dirty surfaces. After washing, use kitchen paper to remove surface moisture. 2 Abalone slices are ready for use (other abalones such as Dalian Bao do not need to be sliced, the surface can be cut with a knife) 3 Adjust the abalone marinade (need to mix all the marinade ingredients) 4 abalone slices into the pickled juice, Mix slightly to make each piece stained with juice. 5 marinate for 15 minutes (mix again in the middle)

  2. 1 pot of cold abalone slices to the boil for one minute (do not add pickled juice) 2 quickly clip out the abalone slices, put them into the bowl and use all the materials of the 3 mixed rice abalone sauce, turn off the heat immediately after boiling. Pour the abalone slices into the rice and abalone sauce for more than 4 hours (I went to class after I fell in.) (Look at the time and almost did the rice)

  3. ------------ Time division line ---------------1 Broccoli is picked into small flowers, washed 2 Take a clean pot and boil water and add a little Oil and salt, the broccoli is cooked, and the water-controlled dry 3 hot rice is placed in a bowl and compacted on the plate. The broccoli plate is boiled and the rice is boiled. Before boiling, remove it. Abalone slices set on the plate 5 rice and abalone juice continue to boil, starch mixed with water to the rice abalone juice thicken, thickened and then turn off the fire into the plate


...... Starch forgot to write the ingredient list. Sorry (ಥ_ಥ) I will add the step chart next time.

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