Recipe: Abalone porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Abalone porridge


An accidental attempt, I did not expect the picky eater mother and grinning husband like it, simple yet nutritious ~



  1. First brush the abalone clean, brush to the flesh-colored white, no black side is the most ideal, put it in boiling water, a minute. Remove the peeling shell and throw away all the mess on the back of the abalone meat. Slice spare

  2. The rapeseed is cut into small pieces, the parsley is chopped, and the shiitake mushrooms are cut into thin slices. Onion ginger

  3. Rice porridge until 5 matures, start another pot of hot, add a small amount of oil, add onion ginger, sauté the fragrant mushrooms, stir fry and then add the abalone slices, stir fry, add a small amount of soy sauce, salt, stir fry All the ingredients are poured directly into the rice porridge and continue to cook. Try it and let it taste with salt (this porridge is a salty congee). Wait until the porridge is cooked and put in the chopped parsley in the chopped rape. After cooking, pour a small amount of sesame oil.

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