Recipe: Abalone porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Abalone porridge


This time, the sweet potato used a gas-saving and gas-saving method to make this porridge. I didn't expect the porridge to be really good to drink. There are rice grains in it. The taste of the rice grains is also very good. The abalone is soft and rotten only with salt and it tastes delicious! The porridge that has been boring has not tasted well. Everyone can try!



  1. Wash and cut abalone

  2. Rice soaked for more than half an hour, drained

  3. Stir-fried abalone in a pan with garlic and garlic slices. Stir-fried with white rice and saute with rice.

  4. Add the fried abalone rice to 7 cups of water and boil over high heat. Turn off the fire immediately after opening, pour all into the rice cooker, close the lid valve, open the insulation file

  5. The next morning, you can drink delicious abalone porridge with salt and coriander or chopped green onion.

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