Recipe: Abalone porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Abalone porridge


Abalone is a treasure all over the body, use it to cook porridge really delicious



  1. Fresh abalone, shell and meat separated (the shell should not be lost), all clean, brush hard (can look for the predecessors to wash the abalone posts), I brushed for about forty minutes (tired)

  2. Wash the abalone shell, add more water, turn it to a small fire and simmer the shell water. After about one and a half minutes, turn off the fire (try not to add water in the middle, add enough water at one time), the water is reserved, the abalone at this time The shell can be discarded.

  3. Brush the abalone meat, separate the internal organs and body, chop the internal organs, marinate with sesame oil, kelp soy sauce, cooking wine, ginger, and cut the abalone body for use.

  4. In addition, the wok is sautéed with sesame oil, ginger, diced green onion, marinated abalone viscera and cleaned raw rice, as well as carrot and clove mushroom, stir fry together.

  5. Add the fried visceral rice to the boiled abalone shell soup and start the porridge process.

  6. When the porridge is halfway, add the spare abalone meat and cook together.

  7. When the porridge is ripe, chop the water onions and cress, chopped and set aside.

  8. After the rice is porridge, turn off the heat and add salt to taste.

  9. Ou, the family are hungry, put it in the bowl, remember to put the water onion and cress in the porridge bowl before the table, it is delicious, delicious and nutritious...????


Abalone must be fresh, oh, don't make it. My quantity is about the amount of an adult and a child. Everyone remembers to increase or decrease the total amount of materials according to the situation. The watch should be wasted. The kelp soy sauce is lighter and super delicious. If the wood has a soy sauce, you can use it instead. The viscera of fresh abalone will not be very stinky. After salting, there is no need to have a strange taste. It is suitable for all ages and is extremely rich in nutrition. The abalone shell is clean, the water is simmered, the porridge is good, the noodles are cooked or cooked, don't throw it away. The water to cook the abalone shell must be much more, because it is not enough time. Use, if it is not enough, it doesn't matter, add some water, all the family eat together, don't care too much, there is love, the most important thing is the water onion and cress are raw, if someone does not adapt, you can Do not let go. But this kind of green vegetables, if you eat raw food, the nutrition will be better. If you pay attention to some people, you can add a few fried peanuts, which is also very delicious.

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