Recipe: Abalone mushroom slice

Home Cooking Recipe: Abalone mushroom slice


New year pre-heating I will continue to prepare for the New Year. Many people who prepare for the New Year’s Eve will have to work in the kitchen for a day. Even if they have to wait a long time to start thinking, they will buy the ingredients they need in advance, and they will start some preparatory work early in the day. Then, in this busy In the work, it is very convenient to do a few convenient and quick, good-looking and nutritious dishes. This abalone mushroom piece is easy and quick to operate, carefully placed on the plate, or can you join in the fun? I want to get the whole process in 10 minutes - 15 minutes. . Soon!



  1. Coprinus comatus and broccoli are washed

  2. Coprinus sinensis is cut into large pieces with a thickness of about 1 cm, small broccoli

  3. Do not put oil in the wok, stir the hot pot body, put the mushroom in the pot, cover the lid, fry for 8 minutes until the water of the mushroom leaves is soft, continue to heat the lid and heat for about 5 minutes. To the ripeness of the mushroom

  4. Add water to the small pot, add 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of olive oil after boiling, pour in broccoli for 2 minutes, turn off the heat and drain the water.

  5. Open the wok, add 1 tablespoon abalone sauce and 1 teaspoon of June fresh soy sauce to turn off the fire.

  6. According to your preference, you can put the mushrooms and the broccoli in the plate.


1. The chicken leg mushroom is best to be thicker, so it is good to see, but there is no small taste. 2. Do not cut the mushroom pieces too thin, so that the water will become too thin after precipitation, and the thickness of about 1 cm is almost the same; 3. Do not put oil when frying the mushrooms, the whole process is small fire, and finally add the abalone juice and the fresh June when you turn to medium heat; 4. Abalone juice is available in the supermarket. I bought the scalloped silk in this one. It is quite fresh. In the material map, I have a bottle of old smoke in my mind. The solid wood is useful.

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