Recipe: Abalone juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Abalone juice


I like to go to the Tang Palace to eat abalone and chicken feet, find a lot of recipes, refer to homemade. The chicken feet are rich in collagen, delicious and nutritious. The photo was not well taken, and the next time I took it, I uploaded it. But it is really delicious.



  1. Wash the chicken feet, cut/cut the nails

  2. Ginger slices, green onions cut into chopped green onions or onions

  3. Put the chicken feet into the bottom of the pot and spread the ginger onion

  4. Put abalone juice, cooking wine, soy sauce, soy sauce, pepper powder, a little salt and a little sugar

  5. Add water without chicken feet, cook in the pressure cooker


1) Carefully handle the process of cutting/cutting the chicken feet so as not to hurt yourself. In addition, this process is disgusting to me personally, and I can't help but think of the punishment of the Communists who were arrested during the war; 2) Use the pressure cooker fast and good, do not have to put too much water; 3) Students who do not have a pressure cooker use a fire to cook, the water evaporates quickly, and more water is needed. At the same time, the seasoning is doubled, otherwise the taste is insufficient;

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