Recipe: Abalone juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Abalone juice


I have always thought that Pleurotus eryngii is a chicken leg mushroom! Why is it like a chicken leg? Why is it called Pleurotus eryngii? I will introduce this dish in detail below, and I like it very much. The practice is not difficult, but the ingredients must be complete



  1. Slice the oyster mushroom with a diagonal knife, not too thin or too thick.rAccording to the taste of personal preference

  2. Heat the wok with less oil and heat it to 7 minutes. Add the chopped oyster mushrooms directly to the chopped mushrooms.

  3. Stir fry until 7 or 8 minutes and add half a bowl of water. After the water is opened, put a spoonful of prepared abalone juice and consume two spoons of oil. Note that the soy sauce is mainly for coloring, so add it as appropriate.

  4. Cover the lid and simmer slowly. You can taste the salty, seasoning with salt.

  5. The rapeseed is boiled in boiling water and turned into a circular dish. The roots face outward and the leaves are rounded inward.

  6. Finally, pour the starch with water into the pot to thicken the juice.

  7. Put it in the dish with the rapeseed


1. The thinness of Pleurotus eryngii slices will affect the taste of the dishes and will directly affect the satisfaction of the whole dish. Attention to master 2. Do not put too much water into the pot, otherwise it will become a stew. 3. Don't burn or boil the vegetables too much. If it's rotten, don't put it on the plate. Haha 4. Do not drink too much juice, pay attention to control. If it is too thick, hurry up and add some water to reconcile it twice.

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