Recipe: Abalone juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Abalone juice


The abalone juice melon is the most typical vegetarian dish. It does not need to be cooked in a complicated way, and it is seasoned with abalone juice, which not only preserves the flavor of winter melon, but also adds a luxurious taste.



  1. Melon peeled and seeded, washed and cut into square pieces; you can also use a digging ball to take a sphere;

  2. Put in the rice cooker, add water and abalone juice, salt, cover, press the cooking button to complete the program.


The melon takes a slightly harder part of the texture, and the scraps should not be discarded. You can make winter melon soup, winter melon, etc.; the abalone juice has a salty taste, and you need to add salt after the taste; you can use other pots when cooking, I put it in the rice cooker. Cooking in the picture is a matter of saving, no need to look after.

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