Recipe: Abalone Fishing - Home Edition

Home Cooking Recipe: Abalone Fishing - Home Edition


I went to Dalian for a business trip and bought a few abalones. I felt that I often didn’t catch up with it, so I made abalone for lunch today. The family version is very simple. I said it was delicious and didn’t eat enough ^_^



  1. Wash the abalone, cold water pot, water for two or three minutes to turn off the heat, cool down and then shelled

  2. The mushrooms are soaked in advance, and the water of the mushrooms is kept.

  3. In the pot, pour the fried onion, ginger, and aniseed, pour in the cooking wine, add the appropriate soy sauce, sugar, and oyster sauce to taste, pour enough boiling water (add the water to the mushrooms)

  4. Add abalone and shiitake mushrooms and boil over low heat. Slowly simmer for one hour.

  5. Take a new pot, boil some stewed abalone soup, season with salt, starch thicken, and pour on the abalone rice on the plate.


Don't pour the water of the shiitake mushroom. Add the shampoo water together when you add boiling water.

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