Recipe: Abalone beef rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Abalone beef rice


How do you make a simple, nutritious and delicious lunch on a person's rest day? There is cold rice in the refrigerator, the beef slices are marinated the next day, haha... Then you can mix some vegetables, just start!



  1. Beef slices are marinated in advance, soaked in water to remove blood, drained, add onion ginger powder, pepper, soy sauce for a while, then add a small amount of raw powder to grab it, top with cooking oil and mix well, then top with oil Wrap the beef slices and put them in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

  2. The beef slices are fried under cold oil, and the onion and green beans are discolored under the surface. I like the onion to have a little bit of sweet and crunchy feeling.

  3. Another pot of fried rice, add the material of step 2 after frying, stir fry evenly and add abalone and oyster sauce. If you can add appropriate amount of boiling water, do not need to add other seasonings, it is so simple, out of the pot! Open the meal!

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