Recipe: Abalone

Home Cooking Recipe: Abalone



  1. Abalone remove the viscera and wash it with a cross knife on the surface and marinate for 15 minutes with a little cooking wine, abalone sauce and pepper.

  2. Broccoli is picked into small flowers, hot and cold in the hot water, surrounded by rice

  3. Put another amount of water into the pot, add abalone sauce, oyster sauce, sugar and cooking wine, and put the marinated abalone into the boil.

  4. Turn to medium and small fires and cook for about 20 minutes. Place it on rice and pour in abalone sauce.


1, abalone knives can be better taste 2, like the thick juice, you can use a little raw powder to smash 3, abalone juice is sold in all major supermarkets, buy a bottle can be used for a long time

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