Recipe: A variety of cream application

Home Cooking Recipe: A variety of cream application


Cream creams including Swiss, American, Italian, French (sand, flowers, fillings, adjustable softness) creams are used in egg yolks, so you don't have to worry about the egg yolk being wasted with egg whites.



  1. French cream (1) Applying the dough and fillings: 1. Put the sugar and water in the pan until the temperature of the mixture rises to 115 °C. 2. Put the egg yolk in a mixing tank and use K slurry to send it. 3. Slowly heat the syrup that is heated into the egg yolk that is being sent. 4. Continue to pump at high speed until the mixture is completely cooled and becomes heavy. 5, add butter a little bit, and finally add vanilla extract

  2. French cream (2) filling steps: 1, put sugar, flour, salt in a pan, stir evenly, add milk. Heat on medium heat while stirring until it becomes thick and stop heating. The mixture is then poured into a medium sized pot. Cool to room temperature. 2. Add 1/2 of the butter each time, send it at high speed, and finally add vanilla extract and spread evenly. Allow the cream to chill for a few minutes before use. The cream cake should be refrigerated and taken out before eating. This formula can be used for sandwiching, and the decoration is difficult, but the taste is very good.

  3. Swiss protein cream (3) using the plastering step: 1, the protein, sugar, salt in the basin, cadmium water heating, stirring until all sugar is melted. The heating temperature should not be too high, slowly heating, because you do not want to cook the protein!! Make sure there are no sugar particles by sticking your hands into the mixture. 2. Pour the mixture into a mixing tank and beat it with a high speed eggball until it is hard spiked, and the mixture is cooled. This process takes 5 minutes. 3, the eggbeater to prepare the medium speed, add softened butter, add a little bit to remember each time, the amount of butter depends on your personal hobby. (Note: After adding butter, the butter will cause the protein to separate into a mass. Continue to stir and add the butter to the medium until the cream is in the correct state, smooth and delicate. 4. Add the powdered sugar and vanilla extract and mix well. Recommendation: In a warm climate, you can reduce the amount of butter, add 454g of butter, then add 340g of white oil to mix. This will be more stable in hot weather.

  4. Italian cream (4) using the twisting step: 1. Put 50g of sugar and egg white in a mixing bowl. 2. The water and the remaining sugar are heated to a temperature of 115 degrees Celsius. 3. When the syrup reaches 110 degrees Celsius, start to use the egg speed to beat the protein. When the protein reaches the chicken tail, the sugar also reaches 115 degrees. Pour the syrup into the stirred protein and continue to stir until the sugar is reached. Room temperature. 4. When the protein has cooled, cut the butter into pieces and mix in the mixture. 5. Once the protein is cooled, change the egg ball to K pulp, slowly add the butter, and adjust to medium speed. Add vanilla extract and salt, and mix until smooth and smooth.

  5. American cream (5) use the softness adjustment step: stir the butter and powdered sugar, add water or milk after mixing, stir evenly and add vanilla extract.


The equipment used in the course is Sanjin (7L of fresh milk machine). The K-pulp in the course is our common chef machine. There are three heads in common. The egg head (like the egg pumping) K pulp (very flat is it) is noodles. Hook (bending S-bend hook)

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