Recipe: =A=Super delicious dumplings or馄饨

Home Cooking Recipe: =A=Super delicious dumplings or馄饨


In the past, the dumplings were all boiled in white water. After cooking, the soup was only served in a bowl, and the others were dumped. It was a waste of rushing feet. Today, I have a whimsy, cooking dumplings with a sly method, it is really delicious, 32 praise!



  1. The water boils, the dumplings go in, boil again, and during the process of cooking the dumplings, stir with a spatula clockwise, add cold water after boiling, and open three times in total.

  2. After the third water is opened, the prepared seaweed, and the seasoning package in the seaweed, the seasoning package is very fresh, very delicious, if not, put salt and chicken.

  3. After the seaweed is boiled, turn off the heat. According to the method of the tomato and egg soup I taught, after the fire was turned off, immediately break the eggs and stir them.

  4. Put the dried shrimps in a bowl and pour the dumplings in. Drop one or two drops of sesame oil, place chopped green onion, sprinkle with a pinch of pepper, and mix well.


1. Dumplings I have only eaten Wan Chai Ferry Pier and Sanquan Private Kitchen Dumplings. To make this kind of dumplings, I chose Sanquan, because Sanquan private kitchen is very very small, and the size is similar to that of 馄饨. If it is Wan Chai Ferry Pier, I feel a bit big. 2. Please refer to for how to beat eggs. Very simple~ 3, cooking is actually creativity and love, if you have both, you can also create infinitely delicious food for the beloved.

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