Recipe: a successful pastry puff

Home Cooking Recipe: a successful pastry puff


Super love puffs, always feel that this is a special high-end troubled dessert, has not dared to start doing it, one day boring meeting, sitting under the table and rummaging all the puffs in the kitchen, the more the heart, the materials at home Yes, I just did it at night, who knows it will be successful once, really good. Thanks to all the heroes of Fang Zi in the kitchen, your recipes are superb.



  1. Meringue: 1. 60g of butter is cut into small pieces and softened at room temperature. 25 g of sugar powder and 75 g of low-gluten flour were sieved and stirred.

  2. 2, knead into a smooth dough, pinch the shape of the strip, wrap the plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for use.

  3. Puffs: mixed sugar 5g, salt 3g, butter 80g, water 200g, heated on fire. The butter melted all the way to a small fire.

  4. The low-powder 120g is sieved and poured into the paste of the previous step, and the mixture is smooth and separated from the fire.

  5. Let the dough cool, add a little bit of broken eggs, and add it while watching. Add it once every time you add it.

  6. Stirring to pick up the dough is an inverted triangle that hangs down four or five centimeters, but it does not drip, and that's it.

  7. Batter into the squid bag and squeeze into the baking tray. Remember to leave the puffs with room for expansion and growth.

  8. Take out the meringue that you just made in the refrigerator, cut a slice of about 2 cm on the surface of the puff, and then put it into the oven.

  9. Fire up and down for 200 degrees and 25 minutes, then 150 degrees and 20 minutes. Do not open the oven between the kilowatts, otherwise the puffs will collapse.

  10. After the puffs are roasted, take a chopstick and poke a small hole at the bottom. Put the Caska sauce in the flower bag and squeeze it into the puff.

  11. Crisp skin, smooth Kasida sauce, enjoy it slowly.


1, the amount of Fangzi I 20L oven can be baked 2 dishes, in fact, I was baked in 2 days, the remaining batter after the first day of baking is placed in the flower bag, stored in the refrigerator, the next day After roasting, the taste is completely unaffected. Also avoid too much roasting at one time. 2, the key to the success of puffs is two. First, when you pour the egg liquid, you must add it in several parts. While observing the state of the batter, until the batter is picked up, the batter will drop the inverted triangle of four or five centimeters, but it will not drip. This state is just right, too. It’s not too thick and too thick. Second, one in the process of baking! set! Do not! can! hit! open! grilled! box! door! It will collapse... 3, the first day of the puff filling I used the French iron tower whipped cream and sugar, the animal cream is healthy but not well formed, especially the hot day plus the hot puff, the cream is easier to change, so the first One day's puff filling was not successful. So the next day, vanilla Caska sauce was stuffed into the puffs, which not only tasted better, but also solved the problem of the melting and collapse of the cream. It can't be more praised~~(Vanilla Caska sauce is paid for.) Just where It’s the place to add a second recipe. I’ve been looking for a long time... oh...)

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